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Dennis P. Murphy Maritime LawyerMy life was completely turned upside down following a horrific car accident that took away my business…my career and much of my ability to enjoy even the simplest pleasures of life. As I began the long road into my new reality and my unknown future, I was connected to Dennis Murphy to be my “advocate”.

My initial reaction was that he seemed fine, but in my mind, my case was so open and shut that there would be very little for an attorney to do on my behalf. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Dennis spent thousands of hours over the next four years taking on one delaying tactic after the next…facing off with an opposition team that admittedly had no case, but seemed determined to delay their way into forcing us to give up or settle for less.

Throughout the entire process I learned a lot. I learned that the sentiment expressed on Dennis’s website…”WE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOUR CLAIM, SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON YOUR RECOVERY”…is 100% accurate…but there is much more. Dennis and his team did take care of my claim, but of greater significance they took care of me. At no time was I ever “just another client”. I was protected, worried about, cared for and most importantly…told the unvarnished truth.

I learned so much about the legal process that left me scratching my head…but thanks to Dennis and his team I was never shocked or unprepared. They always had time for me…no matter how irrational my worries, or how illogical my questions. The interminable process moved forward only because Dennis forced it along. Don’t confuse Dennis being a nice guy with him being a softie or a pushover. Dennis was prepared, professional and incapable of being intimidated. Like any high-level chess player, Dennis was always aware of and prepared for, the next several steps.

While I did eventually receive a very healthy settlement…along the way I got a protector, a teacher, an adviser, a therapist and a friend who told me the truth…and that’s invaluable and sadly all too rare these days.


Getting in a car wreck was incredibly traumatic for my daughter and I. Handing over the stress of dealing with the insurance company to Dennis allowed us the space to heal emotionally and physically from the trauma. Dennis fully understood and respected our situation and our boundaries so I could easily trust him to act in our best interest. I’m certain that by working with Dennis, we had the best possible outcome.


Throughout the process to settle my accident, Dennis was there for me through the good and the bad. Whenever I wanted to just give up, he was there; not to pressure me into continuing, but to listen to my concerns and reason with me as to the situation at hand. He helped me to truly weigh out my decision. Dennis became more than just an attorney, but someone I knew I could trust and rely on through it all. Trusting Dennis and listening to his past experiences helped me through a very tough situation and to see the brightest part I could at the time.


Dennis Murphy is a lawyer who cares about his clients and the quality of services his law office provides. Dennis and his very knowledgeable staff showed dedication to helping me navigate through the law, while also demonstrating fairness and a high level of integrity. I trust and respect Dennis Murphy. Should I ever need legal counsel again, this is where I would feel most secure.


In 2000, I was involved in a very serious automobile accident. My husband and I turned to our daughter, who is an attorney in Seattle, and she recommended Mr. Murphy. We received a very successful settlement as a result of Mr. Murphy’s experience as a negotiator. His very professional, pleasant and efficient staff also kept us in the loop at all times. We would highly recommend Mr. Murphy and his staff to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney.

Beverly and Jack

You can trust Dennis Murphy with your case, your money, and your integrity. When I wrecked my motorcycle, I needed someone with principles to help me negotiate the details, including going to court, if necessary. The more we worked together, the more glad I became that I had asked Dennis for his help. He explains complicated legalese in plain English, he does what he can to maximize the dollars I receive without sacrificing integrity, and he really cares!

Let me tell you how I know he cares. Often it was convenient for me to visit his office around the noon hour, when I was taking my lunch break. On one such occasion, I locked my keys in my truck. Not only did Dennis spend several minutes helping me, he offered to take me to where I could get another key. No one else was around; he didn’t have any other reason to make the offer other than that he cares. None of the attorney jokes apply to Dennis!

Incredibly, I wrecked another motorcycle (against Dennis’ advice). He explained to me how to go about it on my own, but I am very glad I asked him to take my second case. His experience, good judgment, and access to information I don’t have make his fee well worth it.

Dennis Murphy’s office staff are first rate, courteous and personable. I appreciated the time and effort his paralegal put into wording our demand, and her willingness to defer to our wording wishes. His assistant is efficient and kind, always taking an interest without invading a client’s space. When I visit the office, they provide prompt and helpful assistance.

There are a few people you need to be able to trust who have professional skills: a good mechanic, a doctor, and a friend like Dennis Murphy.


I was injured June 2000 while working as a Tankerman for Delta Western, while we were at the Equilon Refinery in Anacortes, WA, loading a petroleum barge.

Dennis was very easy to talk to and really knew the maritime industry. He kept me well informed and when I became discouraged, he would encourage me to hang in there. He was successful in settling my claim. I was able to return to work.

It was a pleasure working with Dennis and the entire office staff, and I would recommend his firm to anyone.